The Interesting History of Santa Claus

The Interesting History of Santa Claus

Christmas is just a few days ahead and people are getting excited already. There is a large number of aspirations, expectations associated with this great occasion. We know that you are also waiting desperately for the same day to arrive. And we have got something thrilling and enjoyable for you in this article. We are going to talk about Santa Claus. Be with us for a few moments as we talk about the origins, other essentials, and modern trends, all related to Santa Claus. So, let us start this discussion without further delay.

The origins

Before we start talking about anything else, let us first talk about the origins of Santa Claus. Santa Claus which is also known by the name of Saint Nicholas has quite a long history. It is time to decipher the concepts associated with this famous figure that still lies at the center of the Christmas celebration. Right now Santa is very popular for bringing presents and toys for the kids while they are sleeping. But the exact history of this figure dates back to the 3rd century.

It was the 3rd century when Saint Nicholas first walked on our planet and then he became the saint of children. In the modern-day world, a large number of people played quite a significant role in bringing this amazing character to life.

The legendary story of modern-day Santa can be traced back to 280 A.D. People believe that Saint Nicholas was born around 280 A.D in Patara (modern-day Turkey). Reading the history of this legend, you will find that he was a very kind and admirable person from the very beginning. It is said about him that he gave all of his inherited wealth and went to the countryside to help the poor and needy. One story stated that he saved three girls from begin sold into slavery by giving them enough dowry to get them married to suitable men.

His kind nature and constant help to the needy made him more and more popular among people around the world. Soon he got a reputation of being the protector of sailors and children. His death anniversary is celebrated on December 6. This day is often considered a lucky day by a large number of people from around the world. By the time of the Renaissance, Saint Nicholas became the most popular saint throughout Europe.

The sentiments of people in Europe saw a major shift from one point to another during the Protestant Reformation. But the image of Saint Nicholas remained almost the same even after that, especially in Holland.

The American connection

Saint Nicholas became a familiar name in the US in the 18th century. An American newspaper reported in December 1773 that Dutch families have gathered there in honor of the death anniversary of Saint Nicholas. Somewhat similar news was reported in the month of December in the next year as well. The name that we modern people use for Saint Nicholas comes from his Dutch name i.e. Sint Nikolaas.

In 1804, a person named John Pintard (member of a prominent New York Historical Society) distributed woodcuts of Saint Nicholas during the annual meeting of that society. There was an image of Saint Nicholas at the back of those woodcuts. That image somehow is quite familiar with the modern image used to represent Santa Claus. Then there came a book called The History of New York by Washington Irving.

In this book, Washington Irving described Saint Nicholas as the Patron Saint of New York. The description of Santa Claus in this book was a major step towards popularizing the concept of Santa Claus all over the US. Soon this name became so popular that almost everyone was aware of it. It was 1841 when a large number of children visited a shopping complex in Philadelphia to see a life-size model of Santa Claus.

Final words

The name and fame of Santa Claus have been going up since then. It is now a familiar figure throughout the world. This name and figure are now used in almost every gift-giving activity during Christmas. We hope we were able to deliver you the essential information about Santa through this tiny yet effective article.

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