Top 12 Cute gift packaging ideas for Christmas

Top 12 Cute gift packaging ideas for Christmas

Undoubtedly packaging is the most important part of the gift as it creates excitement and value to the gift. Every time whenever you see a gift with attractive packaging, your expectations of the gift get higher. In the coming Christmas Eve, you should try different packaging to wrap gifts for your loved ones. These are a few Cute gift packaging ideas for Christmas you should give a try:

Christmas tree Stamp 

Nothing is better than Christmas theme stamps to decorate the gift. You can go with the Christmas wrapping paper, tree stickers, and stamps. The colorful Christmas-themed wrapped gifts will add beauty to your gift. 

Cookie Tags 

The second thing you can do is to add something eatable to the gift. Like if you are preparing a gift for children then you can use the chocolate cookie and write the name of your child on it. Children like the cookie name tag and it makes them happy. 

Deer Silhouette 

Christmas is represented by the Santa and the deers. So you can use the deer stickers on your gift wrapping as it makes the receiver curious to know about the gift. All you have to do is to draw a deer on colorful paper, cut it and place it on the gift wrap. 

Paper Animals 

If you are a creative person and like to draw different images and shapes then you will definitely like the paper animal gift wrap. It is very easy to make them, all you need is to cut some squares and circles and arrange them in an animal shape. You just have to put ears, paws, horns on the gift-wrapped box. 

Emoji faces 

Kids love emojis as they are yellow in color and look cute. You just need a yellow large sheet, small black and white sheets. Wrap the gift with a yellow large sheet and put the white and black paper eyes on it. 

Matte Black 

Matte Black wrap theme is perfect for professional gatherings like colleagues, bosses, co-workers, etc. You just need to wrap the gift with black matte paper and tie it with the white ribbon. For decoration, use some pinecone or evergreen sprig as they look very good on it. 

Paper Flowers 

Paper flowers are the perfect pick for your loved ones. Like if you want to give a present to your wife or girlfriend then you can go with the paper flower theme. For this, you should wrap the gift with a plain colored sheet and then put a paper flower on it. You can use YouTube videos or tutorials to make paper flowers. 

Furoshiki Cloth 

Furoshiki cloth is very common to wrap gifts in Japan; you can also use this traditional method to decorate your gifts. Buy the Furoshiki cloth online and just tie your gift in it. It is a special kind of cloth in which you can send personal belongings to your loved ones. 

Polka Dots 

Undoubtedly Polka Dots adds beauty to the presents. If you want to make your present look unique and interesting, you must go with the polka dots. The best point is that the polka dots look very attractive under the Christmas tree when they are tied with the red ribbon. 

Star-shaped gift wrap

You must think differently to make your present unique, 3D gift wrap is best. We recommend you to go with the Star shape as it is very easy to prepare and confuse people with it. You can make a star shape by yourself or you can buy star-shaped wrappers from the market. 

Woven Ribbon 

Ribbons are always the perfect thing to decorate the gift. We recommend you pick the colorful ribbons and wove them on the gift wrap. It makes your gift look elegant and beautiful. If you want to send the gift to your loved ones then pick the colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, etc. But if you want to send it to your colleague, boss then you should go with black, brown, dark green, etc. 

Initial Ornaments 

If your girlfriend or mother likes glittery ornaments then it will be a good gift package for them. Wrap the gift with plain paper and use the ribbon to tie it. Pick a glittery ornament or you can simply go with the first letter of their name and attach it with the ribbon. 

Final Words:

All the above Cute gift packaging ideas for Christmas are very easy and useful. The best part is that the above ideas are very budget-friendly; you just have to buy sheets and ribbons. Along with the Christmas present, every person should focus on the packaging. Because packaging is the very first thing that people notice and start guessing the gift. So put some effort, making your Christmas present unique and memorable. 

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