Top 5 Best Private Cabin Café in Mumbai for Couples Date

Top 5 Best Private Cabin Café in Mumbai for Couples Date

Mumbai is often called the city of dreams in India. More or less, Mumbai has a status like New York City in the US. On one hand, the city is full of working-class men while on the other it is the home to the Indian cinema industry. This is the reason why people living there tend to be a bit romantic. This article is going to be too good for such people as we are going to talk about top 5 best private cabin café in Mumbai for couples date. We have made this list after studying the reviews of a large number of enthusiasts.

Best places for couples’ dates in Mumbai

As the number of restaurants is quite high in places like this but a couple needs something special for their date. This list is will prove to be valuable for such people.

Taj Mahal Tea House

It is situated in Bandra West on John Baptist Road General A.K. Vaidya Marg. The location is as fantastic as this café. The price for your one visit may vary from 1500-2000 INR. Whether it be a place or the menu of snacks and meals, everything about this place is amazing. The visitors term it a small but highly authentic place to spend some time peacefully. It is specially made for having tea and is promoted by Waah Taj, as well as, Hindustan Lever.

Mockingbird Café Bar

Mockingbird Café Bar has always been one of the best spots for this purpose in Mumbai. Being situated at 80, Veer Nariman Road Churchgate, Mumbai 400020. This place suits the best for nerdy people. It has not only made with a book theme but also possesses a really nice collection of books. You can find almost every type of light shake and other beverages to make your day. People highly appreciate it for its hospitality and other cool features. This is definitely a place worth visiting if you are on a date with someone special.

Café Zoe

Café Zoe is situated in the lower parel of Todi Mill Compound on Senapati Bapat Marg Mathuradas, Mumbai 400013. Famous for European cuisine, it has several other great features as well. There is something special about the vibe of this place that makes it stand among all others in this category. Spending your evening here can be really delightful. Ambiance at this place has made it one of the favorite spot for enthusiastic couples. Café Zoe is such a soothing place that you can spend hours without even noticing it. Finding such nice and stable Wi-Fi in a crowded city is also an advantage.

 Lotus Café

It is a place worth spending your time at along with very healthy vibes. It has gained quite a reputation because of its vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. In most places like this, healthy food is not much of a consideration but not here. Situated on Juhu Tara Road JW Marriott, it is quite convenient to reach for most people. Location matters a lot in such a situation as you don’t want to spend much of your precious time finding the spot. One of the best places when it comes to hospitality and food quality.

Grandmama’s Café

Situated on the ground floor of Courtyard R-City, Mumbai, it has been serving as one of the best places for enthusiastic couples. It is a completely nice place having the ability to facilitate you with all the required features. Be it the parking facility to other things, you will get them all here. Along with the ambiance and amazing vibes, you can get several varieties of shakes, lemonades and other things.

Final words

This is the list of top 5 best private cabin café in Mumbai for couples date. We hope it helps you in transforming your date into an extraordinary one. For more details visit:

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